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All animal freeplay RPG- Play as any animal including spiritual animals.
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PostSubject: Enya(wolf)   Enya(wolf) EmptyFri Mar 28, 2014 6:40 am

Enya is an arctic wolf who was born in Alaska. She was raised by her mother and her father and grew up with 5 siblings. In her early childhood, she was one of the strongest, and one of the best hunters in her pack. Enya could always take care of her siblings when a problem had occurred. At times she could be a little bit shy, and others she would be very social. Enya has a very kind and caring personality when around those she trust. But around strangers, especially unwanted visitors, she will not think twice about fighting.      

Name of character: Enya

Age of character: 4

Gender: Female

Species: Wolf

Breed: Arctic Wolf

Family: Mom, dad, three brothers, two sisters

Siblings?: three brothers and two sisters

Spiritual?: No

Powers: The ability to control ice/ice powers


Enya(wolf) Loup-d10
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