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PostSubject: Plot   Plot EmptyThu Apr 10, 2014 10:34 pm

The main plot is a war that started between two main characters. Solaris, and Storm. A vicious attack that Storm violently won.

This is the plot that there is. The main story. It is a war and Solaris is forming an army against Storm. Enjoy and let the creator, Solaris Nightfire/Shadow Chaosbringer/Chaosbringer wrote. Credit goes to him on the plot.

Plot/Main storyline

Overwhelming is the only word that could describe Solaris desparation at this point. He had been in this frozen hellhole for months now searching for something he somehow knew he would never find and the frustration was really starting to boil at this point. Since he had been here he'd already made a mortal enemy and lost a fight in violent fashion and now his frustration had him wanting to assemble an army to take this guy down. But who possibly could. Anyone he recruited would have to be an advanced elemental fighter or solider.

'This has gotten ridiculous, three months here and so far nothing but miles of ice and deathly poor living conditions, and I all I get in return is pounded into the ground my second day here for no reason. Unbelievable' He thought aloud but the cold was so brutal today that the thought of thinking gave him a headache. 'I'll be damned if this guy thinks he is gonna get off scot free after attacking me like he did' He thought vigilantly. There was gonna be retribution somehow. He would see to that. One way or another. If it was the last thing he ever did.

"Not one more day will I take this abuse" He declares loud and proud. "This guy might have broke my bones but he'll never break my fighting spirit. Destiny here I come"

He was not going out without a fight. This was certain. He would begin recruitment and declare elemental war, The war to end all wars "Tonight Vengeance falls like fire from the sky, I will claim my reprisal and redeem myself against this monster" He declares. 'He shall whom fight me unfairly shall burn in my fires of vengeance' he thought.
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