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 Solaris (Wolf)

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Character form

Their bio and story goes here!

Name of character: Solaris

Age of character: about 4 years

Gender: Male

Species: Canine

Breed: Wolf/Husky

Family: Separated early. Never really knew them.



Powers: Can manipulate both solar and celestial energy for weapon use. Can also shoot napalm for short distances by creating a brush fire and then manipulating the flame into fireballs.

So, to make a long story short, his history really was pretty clear in his early years, until he reached 4 years old. then, one gloomy day, all hell broke loose on him and this is the story of what happened and also of where he is now. So one really gloomy evening sometime in 1926 he was alone on the outskirts of Nome , alone obviously as he'd not been in the town too long, he got lost in the woods in the area and as he was trying to find his way out was captured/abducted by a group of criminal dogfighting ringmasters. Little did he know the next 3 years of his life was going to be sheer hell like it turned out. But basically. he was trapped, no hope for an escape other than being killed in a match or breaking out, but these krooks were well armed and each possible exit around the perimeter of the ring and boarding for it was tighter than the White House, or so it seemed, anyways. Now, 3 years later the biggest problem he had was finding a way out. and fast before these krooks were aware of what hit them. but how? The only option that anyone knew of, was for someone to play decoy or act as a diversion to security so he could escape, or, he would have to bail someone else out with him to keep them busy while they both made a run for it. this was what he inevitability did end up doing. The plans fell into motion when one day he met this one female that was about his age, they hit off really really quick, and one night decided they were going to make a break for it, and try to start over upon escaping that hellhole. fortunately and fortunately, their plan worked, but it wasn't entirely successful as he was the only one that escaped alive. Now with a future somewhat uncertain. where will he go from there, time will only tell. he cannot afford to return to any town because by now word is out about his fighting (though not because he wanted to) background and if he was spotted he'd likely be killed on sight for breaking several laws, though again against his will, so for now he remains a loner somewhere in the wilderness. What he is searching for from here. time will only tell. but for now. he remains a loner to this day living off of the survival traits he acquired from his wolf side.

Picture: Solaris (Wolf) Solaris__2014_ref__by_lowes4804-d7a6bva

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Solaris (Wolf)
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