The Lands of the Wolves
Welcome! We are a very new site so we are still performing updates daily! Also- we are looking for users to fill in staff positions! Contact yuri or kiara for a position! And once again, welcome to the site! Very Happy

All animal freeplay RPG- Play as any animal including spiritual animals.
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 Staff List

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PostSubject: Staff List   Staff List EmptyFri Mar 28, 2014 7:11 am

So all below is a list of all of our staff.


Site Owner: Yuri

Pro Administrator: Chaosbringer

Global Moderator: Kiara ♥

Moderator: None!

Chatbox Moderator: Arrow

Roleplay Moderator: None!

So as you may notice, we are short on some staff. This includes the Chatbox Moderators, and the Roleplay Moderators. So if you are interested in any staff position here, please send a private message to Yuri.
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Staff List
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