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Welcome! We are a very new site so we are still performing updates daily! Also- we are looking for users to fill in staff positions! Contact yuri or kiara for a position! And once again, welcome to the site! Very Happy

All animal freeplay RPG- Play as any animal including spiritual animals.
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 Community Guidelines and Important Points

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The Lands of the Wolves - Community Guidelines and important information

General Guidelines/Site Rules

• Light cursing is allowed but it is to stay in character. I do not want to see any of it in the chatbox or in OOC posts.

• Please try to use good grammar. It does not have to be perfect but I don't want to see SMS either like, "r u thre?" or "ths 4 u"

• Political discussions in the boards are not allowed. They are the best known to start flame wars.

• Trolling and spamming anywhere is not tolerated. If you are found to be trolling anywhere on here, you will get an immediate serious warning. There are no exceptions to this rule.

• Please be respectful to other members on the site. If you give respect, than you will receive the same respect back.

• Multiple accounts are not allowed. You only need one.

• Do not use copyrighted material or pictures that do not belong to you. If you do so, than a serious warning will be issued.

• The admin's word is always final.

• GIF Avatars are not permitted. If you add one to your profile, than your avatar will be disabled until further notice and you will be warned.

• We do not get on your case for being inactive on here but if you are planning on being inactive for a long period of time or something, please tell us on the "going away" board so we know. Note: if your account is not used for times like 6 months or a year than it could be deleted to conserve space...

• There is no advertising anywhere on this board. Not even in your signatures. If you are caught advertising anywhere, than you will be banned permanently. There are no exceptions to this rule.

• If you are suspected of advertising your forum via PM, we will find out about it. If someone advertises their site via PM and you do not take screenshots and report it to the administrator, you will be permanently banned as well.

• Be welcoming and kind to new user's on the site. Offer to give them a hand if they need help. It is simply polite.

• Be polite and respectful to staff here. especially administrators. They do allot to keep things going.

• No mini-modding. That is up to staff, and staff only.

• Do not ask to be a moderator. If I feel like we need more staff, I will personally pick out someone who I feel would be good for the job.
[Edit: Users are immune to this rule for now. If you are interested in staff, I will gladly review and accept your requests! Smile]

• Racial/Homophobic slurs are 100% forbidden to be used here. If a staff member finds you doing this, screenshots will be taken, your post will be deleted, your IP will be recorded and banned, and your account will be deleted.

• Do not insult someone else by their religion. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs.

• Avoid arguing with trolls or even talking to them. It means that they win. All you have to do is report the post
one time, and an administrator or a moderator will get to it as soon as possible.

• The same thing applies to spammers. Do not talk to them. I do not know how I can make this any more clear.

• If you feel that there is a rule in here that I missed or that should be in here, feel free to tell me
and I'll consider adding it in.

Roleplaying Rules and Guidelines

• Powerplaying is not allowed at all. This is completely unfair to the other player and is not tolerated.

• Avoid double posting during RP sessions. You need to give the other player a chance to reply.

• Please do not just barge in to another player's RP session. If you were invited, then it is allowed. But if not, than do not.

• No porn/sexual RP sessions. Users to not want to look through the RP boards and find something like that.

• Cursing is tolerated in RP sessions but keep in moderate please.

Warning Levels and Bans
The moment you break one, or many of these rules, depending on the offense, some sort of warning will be issued. Usually on small rule offenses, like triple posting, or using profanity, you will most likely only receive a verbal warning. If you continue to break rules after your verbal warnings, than a real warning will be set. Below are all of the possible warning levels you could receive, and other disciplinary actions to be taken on rule offenses, including bans.

Community Guidelines and Important Points Good11 -You have no warnings.

Community Guidelines and Important Points Firstw10 -You have one warning.

Community Guidelines and Important Points 2ndwar10 -You have two warnings.

Community Guidelines and Important Points Lastwa10 -You have a serious warning.

Community Guidelines and Important Points Banned15 -You have been banned.

Arrow Warning levels go down 1% per month. You must contact the moderator/administrator who issued the warning and they will drop it based on good behavior.

Arrow Bans periods are either for 1 week, 3 weeks, 3 months, 1 year, 2 years, 10 years, or permanent.

Exclamation If you are banned from the board and you feel the need to create a new account, than your IP will be banned.

If you do not agree with these rules or think that they are unfair, you do not have to stay here. They are not unfair and they have been made in order to make sure everyone is safe and treated fair while here.

These rules are subject to change at any time.
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Community Guidelines and Important Points
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