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All animal freeplay RPG- Play as any animal including spiritual animals.
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 Alliances Form

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PostSubject: Alliances Form   Mon Mar 31, 2014 6:08 am

Okay so if you want an alliance with another character, you are going to need to fill in the form below and only post one topic. Also please read the alliances rules before doing this.


The alliance form

Names of characters to have the alliance:

Character 1

Breed of character one:

Gender of character one:

Species of character one:

Character 2

Breed of character two:

Gender of character two:

Species of character two:

Do both parties agree?:

And here is a code for all of that; this is what you need to copy, paste, and fill in...

[u]The alliance form[/u]

[b]Names of characters to have the alliance:[/b] >answer here<

[i]Character 1[/i] >answer here<

[b]Breed of character one:[/b] >answer here<

[b]Gender of character one:[/b] >answer here<

[b]Species of character one:[/b] >answer here<

[i]Character 2[/i]

[b]Breed of character two:[/b] >answer here<

[b]Gender of character two:[/b] >answer here<

[b]Species of character two:[/b] >answer here<

Do both parties agree?: >answer here<
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Alliances Form
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